No Makeup November Once Again

Hello, my readers and haters, Today is my second day of NMN and this year I decided to do it for myself.  No more filters on Snapchat or Instagram filters. It takes me about an hour and a half to get ready, and I’ve been relying on makeup to feel confident and pretty without realizing I’m hiding behind it again. Thankfully,  I have this month to work on how I feel on the inside rather than the outside. I’ve been having trouble with losing weight because of a particular health condition I have, and it’s been mentality straining. I am 23 years … Continue reading No Makeup November Once Again

To Stand Out or Stand In, That Is The Question!

I haven’t worn makeup since Halloween-I know I wrote in my N.M.N “rules” that I am allowed to wear on special occasions, but I really wanted to be committed to this. So I didn’t wear makeup to a friend’s birthday dinner, out shopping on the weekends, while teaching, at my elderly friends’ Thanksgiving dinner party,  and at the gym (I wouldn’t dare even if I wasn’t doing NMN). They say it takes 27 days to form a habit, However, at 23 days I feel like this is a part of my daily routine. It used to take me maybe 2 … Continue reading To Stand Out or Stand In, That Is The Question!