No Makeup November Once Again

Hello, my readers and haters, Today is my second day of NMN and this year I decided to do it for myself.  No more filters on Snapchat or Instagram filters. It takes me about an hour and a half to get ready, and I’ve been relying on makeup to feel confident and pretty without realizing I’m hiding behind it again. Thankfully,  I have this month to work on how I feel on the inside rather than the outside. I’ve been having trouble with losing weight because of a particular health condition I have, and it’s been mentality straining. I am 23 years … Continue reading No Makeup November Once Again

A Social Media Love Story Except Not. Definitely Not.

I hate social media sometimes, quite ironic to admit since blogging is a form of social media. I hate that you can’t live a mysterious, private life anymore. Yes, you can make your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Whatever private, but people can still end up on your page regardless. For example, maybe an Insta friend showed your profile to another friend who happens to be friends with your arch-nemesis. I sound paranoid, but it happens. I also hate it because people you thought you left in your past will pop up on your “suggestions for friends” adds. Or in my best friend’s case, her … Continue reading A Social Media Love Story Except Not. Definitely Not.