*FIRST Creative Writing Post- My Mexican Name

OMG! I can’t believe I’m actually posting my own creative work, every Sunday (I know it’s not Sunday, I didn’t post yesterday because of the Super Bowl! So proud of the Rams!). I’m skeptical of people stealing my work, but it’s a risk. I need to get my work there… I want my first creative post to introduce you to me, so I decided to publish “My Mexican Name,” a short story rejected from CSU Channel Island’s literary magazine, the Island Fox and it is the piece I submitted to Outloud Santa Barbara. Most of my work reflects the struggle … Continue reading *FIRST Creative Writing Post- My Mexican Name

Writing is Trending, Readings, and Writing Rejection

Fellow writers, fans, and haters, I hope this past week has been a great one. I’ve been writing away and overanalyzing as any writer does.  It’s been an interesting week because: I relaunched this site I’m writing music again I came across my undergraduate capstone project, which was my submission to my graduate program. It brought me to tears because I express how much miss Mexico and my grandparents, who taught me to be as humble as one can be. I found out a million other people are starting blogs and are deciding to call themselves writers, which for some reason … Continue reading Writing is Trending, Readings, and Writing Rejection

Basic Writer with her website, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Best Part

Hi, As you can see my site is still under construction, but I decided I will post every Thursday because those are the days I’m mostly alone all day without any interruptions. I know what you’re thinking EVERY writer and I mean EVERY writer has a website, what makes me different? Honestly, it’s difficult nowadays because no one wants to blend in, everyone wants to stand out. I know standing out is like a trend. Or could it be we are all extraordinary people? I was hesitant to start this blog again because like many human beings I do care … Continue reading Basic Writer with her website, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Best Part

I’ve Had It!

It’s been almost a year since my last post and it’s not that I have been neglecting my writing; I was finishing up my last year in graduate school. Yes, I am the youngest and first Latina woman to graduate from this creative writing program and even that doesn’t satisfy me. You know why? Ever since I fell in love with journalism and myself, I know I deserve better than all this $15/hr part-time jobs and obviously these losers I date who claim to be “woke,” but are scared to date smart-educated-self-aware woman. I’ve been searching and searching and walking … Continue reading I’ve Had It!

Dear English Majors

The hardest part of being an English major is not having support from your own Alma Mater. I was an undergraduate senior student at Cal State Channel Islands University when I submitted my first non-fiction story to their infamous literary magazine entitled “The Island Fox.” I felt a little apprehensive before turning in this piece that was about one of my favorite memories of visiting my grandparents in Mexico because the English professor running it was not a fan of me. In fact, she told me that I would NEVER make it as a writer, which made me contemplate dropping … Continue reading Dear English Majors

Week Three of NMN…and Other Things

  It was Black Friday in a crowd of crazed consumers passing by a suffocating mirror, that I really took a glimpse of myself. There I was small, short, tan, long brown curly hair underneath a Dodger’s hat, I smiled at myself before the current of shoppers took me pass the mirror, but it was such a powerful moment for me.  I felt like myself. I really looked at myself and thought this is who I am. I was too distracted to see it before.  I feel and look healthy, yet I’m still struggling with anxiety. Who isn’t nowadays? There is so much … Continue reading Week Three of NMN…and Other Things

Week Two NMN…

Hi everyone, It’s been two weeks now and let me tell you where I went today… Sephora. I wasn’t there to purchase anything obviously, I was there to get my friend a birthday gift. I told the cashier I was participating in No Makeup November and she said “Ew.” I kid you not, she said “ew.” I left the Makeup store extremely annoyed. There’s a double standard in society though. We are taught to hide our flaws behind makeup, but if we wear too much we look like clowns or worse, Kylie Jenner clones, you know with the gallons of … Continue reading Week Two NMN…