I’m the real life Rory Gilmore

I recently snatched an internship with a news press as an arts and entertainment journalist. I know! Me, writing for the most well-known paper in my county. I feel like this writing career is kicking off and I’m in the race. I’m published too! I also begin drinking a lot of coffee, once a day.  I also turned twenty-three last week,  I’m pretty old. I mean I have been asked out by guys older than me lately. I wonder if it’s because I look older or because I’m wifey material. (wifey material: someone who is mature, smart, sophisticated, can carry an intelligent conversation, has their shit together, and career-driven)  I think that is the case because guys my age don’t like the challenge and intelligence of me.  They also get intimidated by my success and background. They want someone who’s easy to manipulate, insecure, hypersexual, and overall easy.  Basically the opposite of me.  I’m not trying to sound like I’m better than guys my age, but I’m not looking to fuck around.  I feel like I’m worth more than a one-night stand. I want an emotional/ intellectual connection with someone, it doesn’t need to be all about attraction you know?

Anyway,  I’ve been contemplating the idea of getting my Ph.D. in Creative Writing or Journalism.  I know it’s wild, but I genuinely believe in education.  I have the opportunity and it’s all I’ve ever dreamt about, being a well-educated independent classy woman like Rory Gilmore.  I’ve always been so scared to be who I am because I thought I could never be that person, but here I am 23 and a freelance writer getting her master’s in writing, who has never been in love, but hopes to be, writing a novel,  and being my quirky nerdy self that everyone thought was lame.

In a way, my life is kind of glamorous. I probably have all the guys from my high school on the edge of their seats. Watch out I’m the real life, Rory Gilmore!

Advice From a Writer to Whoever Wants It…

Hello friends,

I am recovering from possibly one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. I’m not the type of woman who finds herself at bars and clubs three nights in a row, I look like a librarian for goodness sake, but there I was doing the damn thing. How do people do it? Party three nights in a row like that? On a normal basis! That’s insane. Besides, one of my professors from school gave me advice on how to be a better a writer. Actually, it was a list of fourteen things.  Here are my notes:

  1. Always say yes
    1. It’s all about the connections and relationships (networking)
  2. Build your own brand
    1. Social Media
    2. Your own website
  3. Time Management
    1. No excuses
  4. Make a Budget
  5. Travel
    1. Get outside anywhere/ everywhere
    2. Make a list of where you want to go
  6. Face your fears and take risks
    1. Inform yourself as a writer
    2. What makes you uncomfortable will help you
  7. Work out
    1. 20 minutes a day
  8. Know who you are
    1. All your characters are you
    2. Be confident
    3. Know your own story
  9. Know how to take a meeting
    1. meeting a manager
    2. arrive 10-15 minutes early, dress the part, always say yes (if they ask for water or coffee), research who you are seeing, pay attention to their office
  10. Be proactive
    1. Do it yourself, make your own stuff
  11. Treat writing like a job
  12. Write goals, daily, weekly, yearly
    1. 21 days to create a habit
  13. Do not live in a bubble
  14. Be interested and interesting

The numbers 1, 6, 13, and 14 are relevant to my weekend.  I have so much to share with you guys and I am quite inspired by the things that occurred this past weekend. I am no longer a boring person…


Last Night I Took an “L”, but Tonight I Bounce Back

I decided on the title before I actually wrote the post, now I’m regretting it. I could start over and pretend it never happened, but come one have you read a post title that starts with Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” lyrics.  No.

After a terrible week last week, I Kiki Reyes am determined to leave that bullshit behind and progress as a person. Besides, I have everything going for me right? Okay, you’re probably wondering what happened last week and here it goes:

  1. Criticism in my appearance, how I dress, how I look, how I happy I come off as! Someone got mad about how happy I am! They said, “Life, has it’s, struggles you’re not gonna be happy for long.”  Cool.
  2. Health issues… not really fun especially with all the fires going on in Southern California. Our county issued an air quality warning, which meant my allergies were fucking me up.
  3. Cutting off ties with some guy that I was seeing. I guess that’s what you get when you find someone online rather than meet them in person and actually get to know them better. He made me feel like I wasn’t worth getting to know. No one should make you feel that way. At least I have some good dialogue for my novel!
  4. My friend had a health situation too. Information is enclosed.
  5. Another friend is avoiding me because of a misunderstanding. I haven’t heard from her in days.
  6. School school school. Future best-selling authors have their doubts. I hope to have something published by next year

Life is so stressful sometimes, but we gotta push forward and leave the negative behind. Everything happens for a reason right? Besides if last week sucked, this week won’t because I won’t let it suck!

Also, don’t be afraid to comment or email me.

LOL here’s the song…

-KIKI REYES bounce back.jpg

The Philosophical Perspective of Snapchat

Social media is a curse and a blessing in disguise. You don’t think I get afraid that people can look up my name and stalk me on Google despite having all my social media apps on public, expect my twitter and snapchat where I do my real shit talking? As a writer I’m building my brand, theofficialkikireyes, but as a person, I’m just being myself. I understand my snapchat consists of moments I should keep to myself, but then nobody would know how fun I can be. Then there’s that argument that people will find out when they get to know you; However, I don’t seem like an approachable person sometimes. Maybe that’s why I over do it sometimes.

Being an emotionally deprived person like myself we tend to do many questionable things in order to prevent emotion, such as post a zillion videos on Snapchat that are entertaining, but the underlying message is your probably really lonely in your daily life. Not saying I’m completely alone, but in the way that you’re seeking your follower’s attention saying “I want someone to understand me.” Not being understood is such a lonely feeling. Not all videos have underlying messages like that. They can be showing off to the guy that broke things off with you (why would you allow him to follow you despite that), your friends that didn’t invite you to hang out last week, to show people your location, etc. etc. etc…

Maybe dealing with emotion in the present (not snapping, while things are happening) will help you feel less alone and make people seek to understand you since you’re not posting very often like you were before…




Mejor Sola Que Mal Acompañada… 

I decided this summer I would start dating through apps such as Tinder and Bumble. It seemed easy, I thought why not? I’m twenty-two, I have a part-time job that is not too time-consuming, I’m getting a master’s, I have everything going for me, but boy was I wrong. My main intention for “dating” was to find inspiration for my novel. As horrible as that sounds, I have no accurate descriptions of love because I’ve never been in love so I decided this was as close as I could get.

I started with Tinder and found myself swiping left and right for matches. Before I deleted it I had about a hundred and fifty matches and out of those matches only ten of them messaged me, out of those ten, two got my number, and out of those two, I went on one date and it took him a week to text me back. It was a good date, in fact, we had a lot in common, he just didn’t think so. Maybe HE thought it was a horrible date! How embarrassing.

I was very discouraged after that, but my sister convinced me to get a Bumble. I looked it up and thought it looked a bit more professional than Tinder and the guys looked like they wanted more than a hook up/FWB. I have to admit it was harder to get matches on this app. There was something about having a hundred and fifty tinder matches that made me question my attractiveness and if it was a huge mistake/joke (high school scarred me). I ended up with a few matches and I messaged them. Funny thing was some of my Tinder matches were on Bumble too. One of them claimed I stopped talking to them on the other app, which I replied: “Sorry I’m not good with these sort of apps.” I started a great conversation with one guy, so great I met him the next night for coffee. Crazy right? I’ve been seeing him for a few weeks; however, he has begun slowly withdrawing from me. It could be me being paranoid, but I have low expectations. I am realizing that in a matter of time we will stop talking/hanging out altogether. My sister, who’s mastering in Psychology, said its called, self-fulfilling prophecy when I get paranoid things will go wrong. It always happens.

So moral of the story, is I probably did this online dating thing wrong. Just Kidding in all seriousness, I think these dating apps weren’t for me. I mean it’s not like I was looking for love anyway, but ten percent of me kind of was. I got these apps with the intention of having them all summer and going on dates with many guys, but I quit. I feel a bit discouraged now but comes to show I know what I want now. Not this summer fling nonsense I want the time to actually get to know someone and develop feelings based on their personality and interests not based on lust and attractiveness.

I also have to learn to love myself before I begin dating again. Nothing drives us crazier than being jealous over things that don’t matter because of our own insecurities.

(do you think Match.com is legit? Haha I’m kidding)

For now, I say, mejor sola quIMG_2087.JPGe mal acompañada…


Why Not Now?

During my residency, I took a class entitled, “Rewriting and Revision,” with Colette Freedman. One quote that has stuck with me from that class (after a random tangent) was “Forties is where it’s at! It’s the best age to be because you don’t care what people think of you. You don’t give a fuck.” At age twenty-two, almost twenty-three getting to the point of your life where “you don’t care about what people think of you” is light years away.

I thought by now my obsession with body image would fade, but it’s the same. The only thing that’s different is I don’t act on it anymore. I don’t have to go into detail about that because I’m sure you know what that means.  Last year I was at H&M and I got a blouse off the rack and I tried it on knowing it wouldn’t fit into it. It looked like a size zero, but since the tag said four I pretended it would magically fit. I was a size four at that store for numerous years, but suddenly I stood there looking at myself in the mirror with the buttons looking like they were popping out of my chest. After that experience, I thought about getting a breast reduction up until my friend told me that H&M changed their sizes because she didn’t fit into her normal size either.

Why do they do this to us?!!! It’s so fucked up. What do we do?

Honestly, these types of stores are not curvy friendly. We see these models on tv with over padded pushup bras and rib cage bones showing, how in the fucking world will I ever look like that? I wish society wasn’t as superficial as it is now, but the only way to move on from this is to ignore it.  They say love yourself like it’s an easy thing to do. It’s easier said than done… But let’s fucking do it! Maybe we don’t have to wait until our forties to except ourselves, why not now?




Reasons Why I Suck At Dating

  1. You get sprung up on a guy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship.
  2. Making plans with someone is hard to do especially when your busy 24/7 like me.
  3. You suck at communication or maybe he sucks at it. Why does it take forever for a guy to text back? Seriously.
  4. He never texted back ever again. I know what an asshole.
  5. You get sprung up on the next guy, who shows so much interest in you. Then, you become skeptical of that and will probably ruin it in a span of 3 weeks. (it’s been two thus far.)

Forever alone, over and out