No Makeup November

Welcome to November! (I know a double post)

Image result for makeup brushThis is my fourth year participating in “No Makeup November.” It began four years ago, when I was teaching children ages 5-12 at an after-school program- this was back when I thought I was going to be a teacher, that itself is another story. I remember I was supervising the older students during their snack break, when one of them mentioned they couldn’t wait to get older like me. I asked why and they responded, “because I can wear makeup and be beautiful like you.” This broke my heart. To them the beauty they saw reflected in me, was actually the confidence/passion I felt when I was teaching. To me beauty is confidence; The confidence in loving yourself. I believe that society distracts us from being confident. Yes, it’s great to highlight your beauty with a few makeup products, but we get lost in it. I feel like I’ve gotten lost in it this year.

Anyway, I told them they didn’t need to wear in order to be or feel beautiful, but instead they called me a liar. Kids are brutally honest, which I miss in my work field. Adults are not honest, ever. I ended up telling them I wouldn’t wear makeup for the entire month of November and they didn’t believe me. So I gave myself rules:

  1. Absolutely no makeup until December 1st
  2. Journal about the experience
  3. Take a picture everyday until the end of the month.

I was looking back at my past entries for N.M.N and this was one from my first year made me laugh:

” The children at my work kept asking me why I wasn’t wearing makeup, which I responded to “I’m doing No Makeup November to show people you don’t need to wear makeup to feel pretty.” Great answer, but these past seven days I kept asking myself why am I doing this? I asked this especially when I walked into a work meeting and saw an attractive guy sitting across from me.” From my entry called First Week of N.M.N: What Am I Doing This

 Honestly, I think this came at the right time of life. I’m twenty-five and I’m beginning to compare myself to younger bodies, especially working at a college where the norm for woman is wearing crop tops. That’s a inner issue, it’s insecurity. I heard once you get into your for

“It was hard to take a picture without a filter because I can see my flaws clearly. I have five birth marks on my face and a sunburn on my nose.” 

ties that’s when you learn to really love yourself. I just wish societal standards would disappear. Like us, they have evolve. It’s not just about being skinny now, now I’m insecure because I’m not as curvy. Sometime I feel like we can’t win. 

Well, now without makeup I have this whole month to look within and try to understand why I think the way I do. I hope you can join me on this journey, as cheesy as that sounds.  








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