*Holy Water (Poem) (2013)

Hi!!! I’m fresh out of my Outloud SB reading and I’m eager to tell you all the details now, but I have to post my creative writing work first. I’ll write about it sometime this week.

Six years ago, I was in David Starkey’s Creative Writing class at Santa Barbara City College and we learned how to write “Prose Poems.” According to Poets.org, Prose Poems can appear as prose but reads like poetry.  At nineteen, and even now at twenty-four, I often questioned whether American society was becoming more superficial.  I wrote the prose poem “Holy Water,” envisioning god making it rain holy water in order to wash away our superficially. It’s interesting because I don’t write poems… tell me how nineteen me did:

Image result for holy water

“Holy Water”

Respect and kindness bond together beautifully like hydrogen and oxygen that form water, the most essential molecule in our human existence. Expressing these two qualities makes a person admirable and admiration is a blessing. Water is blessed under the lord for salvation making us rejoice once we are exposed to such holiness…We, as a society has been thirsty for quite a while. I used to see gentleman open doors for people, struggling with books in their hand, but now I see men smoking cigarettes watching people drop heavy textbooks because they rather look “cool” than offer a kind gesture. The library was a place where I used to see girls carrying massive amounts of reading material but now I see them carrying around painted faces hardly wearing any material. Our pond of respect and kindness has become sewer water and we have parched throats. I think to myself “Lord make it rain to cleanse our nonsense.”



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