If Only, If Only… Hi Dodgers!


So, I have millions of dreams that I want to achieve and they all involve writing and journalism. Some include: publishing my two short stories collections, writing for T.V, and becoming a news assignment editor. My dreams have shifted, but for about a year now, I’ve been thinking about becoming a sports journalist on top of everything else. The reason is: It’s a masculine career and I like to challenge the status quo. ALWAYS!

I only watch one sport, baseball. I only root for one team, the Dodgers.

It was until a few years ago I was able to connect to the sport in a spiritually level especially with all the horrible things in the world. It gave me something to believe in again. Recently, I commented on the dodger’s Instagram account telling them that I wish I was a sports journalist for them and they said they believed in me. It made me feel as if this dream is achievable.  Dodger's Reply

So I applied to be a writer for Dodger’s Nation and they replied back asking me extra questions. I guess we shall see how that goes.

Here’s my application’s introduction (I sent to them:)

Like many families in southern California, the Dodgers had made a significant impact on mine. My ancestors migrated from Mexico to Southern California during the Bracero movement of 1942-1964 to assist the United States with their shortage of American workers, who were serving in World War II. They migrated to Santa Paula, a rural Californian town that economically relies on their agriculture and harvested, the notable crop of millennials, avocados, as well as oranges and lemons. It was/ still is the most strenuous job to have. I can only imagine the excruciating pain and aches that had to ignore in order to have fruit on the table of many nuclear American families. On their days off my ancestors enjoyed listening to the Dodger baseball game on their barely functioning radio. The team had just moved to Los Angeles in 1958 and they enjoyed listening to the action. It was their stress reliever! Eventually, my family settled in Santa Barbara and our tradition of being loyal Dodger fans have continued.

Yes, that’s my family history! I know my old friends, who’ve known me for a while, probably don’t understand my sudden obsession with baseball, but I think the passion was passed on from my ancestors. All I had to do was learn more about my family. There’s a lot I still don’t know…

On a completely different note, I found a really cool poem I wrote in 2013, written in my Creative Writing class. I will share it this Sunday for Creative Writing Sunday!

Don’t worry, I’m writing again,


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