Not the Fyre Festival- One Love Festival Review

Hi there…

I watched both documentaries of the Fyre Festival before I went to the One Love Reggae Festival last weekend. So my friend Xander and I found Fyre Fest relevance in everything. For example, it rained the night before we went to One Love and the turf was muddy and damped. The location was by the Queen Mary/ harbor, so it was a bit flooded. It reminded us of the Frye Festival documentary, the scene where it rained and flooded in those hurricane relief tents before the concert-goers arrived. I can’t

e2c57391363a7486214f6b8ffcea9de6fbbcb329believe people spent that much money on tickets to a festival where nobody was providing them the information they needed to know.

I don’t even remember seeing any posts of the Frye Festival (you know when they paid models and social media influencers to post an orange blank post). Do you? I must’ve missed it!


Love One Festival rating is a C/B-. I went on Saturday the Lineup included:


It was a promising lineup consisting of many extraordinary bands. I got there in time for the first set: The Holdup. They just released a brilliant new album mostly influenced by R&B/ Pop Reggae. They are one of the most underrated bands in the reggae community. They can blame their management for that- It’s a lonnnng story that I don’t want to explain to you guys yet. Let’s just say your manager is a reflection of who you are…

We met one of Fortunate Youth’s longtime friend and he invited us backstage. I told him about The Holdup story and he said we should meet Fortunate Youth, they were MUCH NICER than them. We left as they began their set because it was brutally cold. We caught the set of Mad Caddies and damn were they full of energy! After I ate a churro, I was dancing to their Ska rock spells. Everyone around me was! I saw a family with their two young children dancing around and laughing. It was beautiful.

Image result for california roots

One thing I did not enjoy was sitting around and waiting for other bands play. At least at the California Roots Festival in Monterrey, we had activities to do. They had painting lessons, yoga, henna tattoos, a drawing section, and my personal favorite the Weed Maps lounge where everyone could relax on a beanbag while watching the concert on a live screen, even though the nearest stage was about 55 feet away from it. They needed more things to do. Also, the people were a little more superficial than they were at Monterrey. Maybe, because we were in Long Beach and not by Santa Cruz where the people just go with the flow and could care less how they present themselves to people.

As the sun set, I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore. So we decided to leave. I’ve seen the headliners SOJA, the Dirty Heads, and Slightly Stupid several times before, but I couldn’t take the cold anymore. They should’ve had warming stations or something.

Anyway, I did enjoy my time there and it was a great first-time experience. The airbnb where my sister, Xander, and I stayed was above a club. Yes, of course, we checked it out. It was so dark in there it looked like a dungeon.

I’m set to read tomorrow at a reading in IV. I’ll let you know how that goes…


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