“One Love” Fest, “Cali Roots,” and Literal “Good Vibrations” this Weekend.

Hi, people who read my blog or people who read my blog with others to laugh at what I’m saying,

Guess what! You’re a fan if you’re reading it! Technically, I’m not supposed to be typing my thumb tendon/wrist is swollen, I think. I kinda self-diagnosed myself.

I’m going to the One Love Reggae Festival tomorrow in Long Beach. I will be posting a review of it next week. (https://www.onelovecalifest.com/)

Image result for one love cali fest

I’m only going on Saturday and the lineup includes Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads, Soja, Dispatch, and so on. I attended California Roots last year (and will attend this year) and it was one of the best experiences of my life- Except for the fact that we camped and it rained on us while the temperature was low into the 30s and we woke up wet and half alive; It was like an episode of Naked and Afraid except no one was naked, just afraid.


Snapchat from our third night at Cali Roots

The experience was great because everyone was so kind and inviting. It was as if the “chill” and “goes with the flow” peacemaker of every group of friends went to Cali Roots, in order to create the epitome of good vibes. And NOT the “good vibes,” that every basic wears on a shirt or highlights on their Instagram description! When you think about it the term”good vibrations,” started in reggae music and soon became a mainstream trend with a light-skinned boho-chic model culturally appropriating Native American headdresses and the indigenous Mexica people.

Fun Fact: You know people go the Coachella not knowing that the ticket sales money goes to the RNC (Republican National Convention)?  Funding the government control of Women’s bodies.

I know Kiki slow down and stop killing everything for me.


Back to the One Love Reggae Fest… I will not be camping, luckily. Not that I’m high maintenance or anything  (my grandparent’s house in Mexico would have their water shut off by corporate government officials. Good lord! Imagine ninety-degree water with no air condition and no water?). I just it would be nice to relax and take a mini vacation from overthinking, working, and reality. We can all use it!

Also, I will be posting this Sunday again for CREATIVE WRITING SUNDAY!

My wrist is in incredible pain. Oh My… Catch me at FIRST THURSDAY TONIGHT 5-8pm! (https://www.downtownsb.org/events/1st-thursday)  


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