Writing is Trending, Readings, and Writing Rejection

Fellow writers, fans, and haters,

I hope this past week has been a great one. I’ve been writing away and overanalyzing as any writer does.  It’s been an interesting week because:

  1. I relaunched this site
  2. I’m writing music again
  3. I came across my undergraduate capstone project, which was my submission to my graduate program. It brought me to tears because I express how much miss Mexico and my grandparents, who taught me to be as humble as one can be.
  4. I found out a million other people are starting blogs and are deciding to call themselves writers, which for some reason killed me. For many writing is a hobby, for me, it’s all I’ve ever known since I learned to write. I mean, I went to school for twenty years for it. I’m not trying to say that I’m more obligated to be a writer because of my training and my undying love for it, but wow now what? Well, I guess everyone really is a writer, but nobody is the same person with the same perspective.
  5. I’m submitting my work for a reading and I was invited to read at another one. (the first one is called OutloudSB (https://www.outloudsb.com/), which is much more exclusive, than the one I was invited to.

For the reading, I decided to re-edit one of my favorite short stories “My Chicana Name,” a story about my love for Mexico and how it is associated with my name, Kiki. Tpencilirlhis piece has been rejected from the Channel Islands Island Fox literary magazine because they didn’t understand the cultural aspect of it and let’s just admit for a Hispanic serving institution, they really discourage culture in their magazine. I am terrified that Outloud SB will reject me, but I gotta keep submitting, no matter what.

I gotta admit failure sucks and people suck too, so that’s why we gotta learn to love ourselves.

So content will be published every Thursday and my own work will be published every Sunday! Let’s see if this takes off…

I gotta work,



P.S this is where my family is from:

Torreon, Coahuila, MX.

I’ve written so much about this city, just wait until you read it!


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