Basic Writer with her website, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Best Part


As you can see my site is still under construction, but I decided I will post every Thursday because those are the days I’m mostly alone all day without any interruptions.

I know what you’re thinking EVERY writer and I mean EVERY writer has a website, what makes me different? Honestly, it’s difficult nowadays because no one wants to blend in, everyone wants to stand out. I know standing out is like a trend. Or could it be we are all extraordinary people?

I was hesitant to start this blog again because like many human beings I do care what people think about me, but unlike many human beings, I actually admit it. People can be very judgmental, but like the great Tyler the Creator said: “Have a good day and remember, fuck everyone.”

A few years ago, my sister was associated with this guy who got all his friends to read my blog and laugh at it. I did write about them in it, but now what I think about it my opinion must’ve mattered to them if they read it. Omg.

So, I’ll be posting personal stories, reviews (because I use to do that back when I thought I was the real-life Rory Gilmore), advice on writing, and music. Pretty standard rules. sabrina-the-teenage-witch-logo

I wonder how writers were discovered before the dawn of technology? How did they get recognition? Like in the ’90s? I was rewatching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, not only did the characters have impeccable style, they didn’t have communication 24/7 like we do. When something happens we post it ourselves, not wait for news media and we text our friends rather than having to wait when they got home to call them on their landlines. Woah. It really wasn’t that long ago..  I could only imagine how writers got their start.

Nowadays we all publish ourselves online. Everyone is capable of writing for strangers online. And speaking of online here’s my SoundCloud account… new music and such.

In the meantime, I’ll be searching for a story to tell…


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