Week Two NMN…

Hi everyone,

It’s been two weeks now and let me tell you where I went today… Sephora. I wasn’t there to purchase anything obviously, I was there to get my friend a birthday gift. I told the cashier I was participating in No Makeup November and she said “Ew.” I kid you not, she said “ew.” I left the Makeup store extremely annoyed.

9f8c31a8272b999f9d8b5d8869ae23e0There’s a double standard in society though. We are taught to hide our flaws behind ms-l225akeup, but if we wear too much we look like clowns or worse, Kylie Jenner clones, you know with the gallons of foundation and contour people wear. I swear I blame the Kardashians for making young girls go straight into dressing like an adult/ showing off their smokey eye, instead of having that awkward Limited Too checkered board capris and one annoying pimple of their makeup-less face phase.

Like mentioned before, I’ve been thinking clearly because of the way I’ve been listening to my own needs and focusing on what matters to me. I’ve been a little more comfortable without wearing makeup, but it still can be difficult. Sometimes I want to add concealer to cover up the bags under my eyes or fix my eyebrows, but I talk myself out of it. I need to find this confidence within and accept my flaws for what they are. Nobody is going to teach you that. You have to teach yourself.


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