Basically a Week, Summer Review, Dating Advice from a Mexican Spinster Part Two

It’s been a week since I stashed away all my makeup and it’s been challenging. I feel like my appearance doesn’t reflect my personality. I look incredibly tired all the time, even my boss asked if I was feeling okay. Mentality- wise my anxiety has toned down a little, maybe because I don’t have to stare at myself in the mirror, while I hide all my imperfections. It’s a vulnerable situation all your outer flaws are visible to everyone.

The crazy part, I haven’t let this prevent me from going out. I went to a bar the other night for line dancing and two guys asked me to dance at the same time. I was honestly shocked. I wasn’t there to up pick a guy at a bar, but I guess I’m more approachable without makeup?

It’s really inspiring me to move on and let my heart heal from the bullshit I experienced this summer. Come to think of it, this summer really hinted to me that I needed to figure out what I wanted and how to become a better version of myself. I guess I needed that reality check of dating to help me understand that because who wants to date a jealous insecure woman.

I think that’s why some relationships aren’t very healthy because two people decide they like each other and want to be together without actually liking their own selves.

See what happens when you focus on yourself? You think more clearly…

-Kiki Reyes


P.S These are the three things I ask when I check in with myself:

  1. Am I drinking enough water?
  2. Am I sleeping enough?
  3. Have I been exercising?

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