I’m the real life Rory Gilmore

I recently snatched an internship with a news press as an arts and entertainment journalist. I know! Me, writing for the most well-known paper in my county. I feel like this writing career is kicking off and I’m in the race. I’m published too! I also begin drinking a lot of coffee, once a day.  I also turned twenty-three last week,  I’m pretty old. I mean I have been asked out by guys older than me lately. I wonder if it’s because I look older or because I’m wifey material. (wifey material: someone who is mature, smart, sophisticated, can carry an intelligent conversation, has their shit together, and career-driven)  I think that is the case because guys my age don’t like the challenge and intelligence of me.  They also get intimidated by my success and background. They want someone who’s easy to manipulate, insecure, hypersexual, and overall easy.  Basically the opposite of me.  I’m not trying to sound like I’m better than guys my age, but I’m not looking to fuck around.  I feel like I’m worth more than a one-night stand. I want an emotional/ intellectual connection with someone, it doesn’t need to be all about attraction you know?

Anyway,  I’ve been contemplating the idea of getting my Ph.D. in Creative Writing or Journalism.  I know it’s wild, but I genuinely believe in education.  I have the opportunity and it’s all I’ve ever dreamt about, being a well-educated independent classy woman like Rory Gilmore.  I’ve always been so scared to be who I am because I thought I could never be that person, but here I am 23 and a freelance writer getting her master’s in writing, who has never been in love, but hopes to be, writing a novel,  and being my quirky nerdy self that everyone thought was lame.

In a way, my life is kind of glamorous. I probably have all the guys from my high school on the edge of their seats. Watch out I’m the real life, Rory Gilmore!

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