Last Night I Took an “L”, but Tonight I Bounce Back

I decided on the title before I actually wrote the post, now I’m regretting it. I could start over and pretend it never happened, but come one have you read a post title that starts with Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” lyrics.  No.

After a terrible week last week, I Kiki Reyes am determined to leave that bullshit behind and progress as a person. Besides, I have everything going for me right? Okay, you’re probably wondering what happened last week and here it goes:

  1. Criticism in my appearance, how I dress, how I look, how I happy I come off as! Someone got mad about how happy I am! They said, “Life, has it’s, struggles you’re not gonna be happy for long.”  Cool.
  2. Health issues… not really fun especially with all the fires going on in Southern California. Our county issued an air quality warning, which meant my allergies were fucking me up.
  3. Cutting off ties with some guy that I was seeing. I guess that’s what you get when you find someone online rather than meet them in person and actually get to know them better. He made me feel like I wasn’t worth getting to know. No one should make you feel that way. At least I have some good dialogue for my novel!
  4. My friend had a health situation too. Information is enclosed.
  5. Another friend is avoiding me because of a misunderstanding. I haven’t heard from her in days.
  6. School school school. Future best-selling authors have their doubts. I hope to have something published by next year

Life is so stressful sometimes, but we gotta push forward and leave the negative behind. Everything happens for a reason right? Besides if last week sucked, this week won’t because I won’t let it suck!

Also, don’t be afraid to comment or email me.

LOL here’s the song…

-KIKI REYES bounce back.jpg

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