The Philosophical Perspective of Snapchat

Social media is a curse and a blessing in disguise. You don’t think I get afraid that people can look up my name and stalk me on Google despite having all my social media apps on public, expect my twitter and snapchat where I do my real shit talking? As a writer I’m building my brand, theofficialkikireyes, but as a person, I’m just being myself. I understand my snapchat consists of moments I should keep to myself, but then nobody would know how fun I can be. Then there’s that argument that people will find out when they get to know you; However, I don’t seem like an approachable person sometimes. Maybe that’s why I over do it sometimes.

Being an emotionally deprived person like myself we tend to do many questionable things in order to prevent emotion, such as post a zillion videos on Snapchat that are entertaining, but the underlying message is your probably really lonely in your daily life. Not saying I’m completely alone, but in the way that you’re seeking your follower’s attention saying “I want someone to understand me.” Not being understood is such a lonely feeling. Not all videos have underlying messages like that. They can be showing off to the guy that broke things off with you (why would you allow him to follow you despite that), your friends that didn’t invite you to hang out last week, to show people your location, etc. etc. etc…

Maybe dealing with emotion in the present (not snapping, while things are happening) will help you feel less alone and make people seek to understand you since you’re not posting very often like you were before…




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