Mejor Sola Que Mal Acompañada… 

I decided this summer I would start dating through apps such as Tinder and Bumble. It seemed easy, I thought why not? I’m twenty-two, I have a part-time job that is not too time-consuming, I’m getting a master’s, I have everything going for me, but boy was I wrong. My main intention for “dating” was to find inspiration for my novel. As horrible as that sounds, I have no accurate descriptions of love because I’ve never been in love so I decided this was as close as I could get.

I started with Tinder and found myself swiping left and right for matches. Before I deleted it I had about a hundred and fifty matches and out of those matches only ten of them messaged me, out of those ten, two got my number, and out of those two, I went on one date and it took him a week to text me back. It was a good date, in fact, we had a lot in common, he just didn’t think so. Maybe HE thought it was a horrible date! How embarrassing.

I was very discouraged after that, but my sister convinced me to get a Bumble. I looked it up and thought it looked a bit more professional than Tinder and the guys looked like they wanted more than a hook up/FWB. I have to admit it was harder to get matches on this app. There was something about having a hundred and fifty tinder matches that made me question my attractiveness and if it was a huge mistake/joke (high school scarred me). I ended up with a few matches and I messaged them. Funny thing was some of my Tinder matches were on Bumble too. One of them claimed I stopped talking to them on the other app, which I replied: “Sorry I’m not good with these sort of apps.” I started a great conversation with one guy, so great I met him the next night for coffee. Crazy right? I’ve been seeing him for a few weeks; however, he has begun slowly withdrawing from me. It could be me being paranoid, but I have low expectations. I am realizing that in a matter of time we will stop talking/hanging out altogether. My sister, who’s mastering in Psychology, said its called, self-fulfilling prophecy when I get paranoid things will go wrong. It always happens.

So moral of the story, is I probably did this online dating thing wrong. Just Kidding in all seriousness, I think these dating apps weren’t for me. I mean it’s not like I was looking for love anyway, but ten percent of me kind of was. I got these apps with the intention of having them all summer and going on dates with many guys, but I quit. I feel a bit discouraged now but comes to show I know what I want now. Not this summer fling nonsense I want the time to actually get to know someone and develop feelings based on their personality and interests not based on lust and attractiveness.

I also have to learn to love myself before I begin dating again. Nothing drives us crazier than being jealous over things that don’t matter because of our own insecurities.

(do you think is legit? Haha I’m kidding)

For now, I say, mejor sola quIMG_2087.JPGe mal acompañada…


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