Cold Hearted Bitch Is Not Actually Cold Hearted?

I’ve always struggled to express how I feel about anything really. I want someone to be able to read my mind and emotions, so I don’t have to explain to myself. I’ve always thought why do people care about how I feel? Maybe I’ve had to please too many people in my past that I forgot how to please myself. I think that’s why I’m a perfect candidate to be a writer because through writing I can say what I need to say, but in person, I feel disconnected towards my emotions.

How will I be able to fix that?

Push myself to tell everyone how I feel, no matter the consequence. If I can fix this flaw about myself, I can accept my insecurities.

Not being able to express emotion really fucks you up when you’ve been hanging out with someone you might consider dating because they will never know how you feel. This has been the case for many years, which has gradually numbed me over time.

What I want you guys to know is: DON’T BE A ME! TALK TO HIM AND EXPLAIN WHAT YOU’RE FEELING!

Oh, I should do that too?








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