How Do You Know When A Friendship Is Over?

  1. You stop making plans to see each other.
  2. You stop communicating on the daily, including texting each other stupid memes.
  3. You stop getting replies from texts you would send to them.
  4. You have the urge to say something to them, but end up telling someone else.
  5. You begin hanging out with other people.
  6. You remember something that reminds you of them, but keep it to yourself.
  7. You accidently find a picture of them and delete it to make more room for storage on your phone.
  8. You stop listening to the music that they showed you.
  9. You start feeling guilty that you don’t care anymore.
  10. You contemplate on whether to delete them on Snapchat and Instagram because it’s too painful to see what they’re doing. It’s also painful to see a familiar stranger on the screen.
  11. You want to delete their number, but decide not to because then it’s really over.


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