To Stand Out or Stand In, That Is The Question!

I haven’t worn makeup since Halloween-I know I wrote in my N.M.N “rules” that I am allowed to wear on special occasions, but I really wanted to be committed to this. So I didn’t wear makeup to a friend’s birthday dinner, out shopping on the weekends, while teaching, at my elderly friends’ Thanksgiving dinner party,  and at the gym (I wouldn’t dare even if I wasn’t doing NMN). They say it takes 27 days to form a habit, However, at 23 days I feel like this is a part of my daily routine. It used to take me maybe 2 hours to get ready and now I’m out the door in 30 minutes.

What I’ve learn, so far is society blinds us with superficiality, in order to hide us from our truths and make a profit out of our misery. Think about it; We spend so much time hating ourselves, which results in finding ways to “fix” our “imaginary flaws.” So we fix our “flaws” and begin to resemble everyone else. Why are we afraid to look our own unique way? Right now the standard of beauty is to have perfectly shaped eye-brows,  lip fillers, plastic asses, and long hair extensions that should be used for cancer patients who actually need them.

Makeup was use to highlight our beautiful features, eyes, beauty marks, etc., not to bury ourselves in it. So after NMN is done, I want to make sure I’m not hiding behind my makeup, I want to highlight my uniqueness and stand out.


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