First Week of N.M.N: Why Am I Doing This Again?

The children at my work kept asking me why I wasn’t wearing makeup, which I responded to “I’m doing No Makeup November to show people you don’t need to wear makeup to feel pretty.” Great answer, but these past seven days I kept asking myself why am I doing this? I asked this especially when I walked into a work meeting and saw an attractive guy sitting across from me.

Last week I thought the reason I’m doing this was to rebuild confidence, but now I’m doing this in regards to people battling body dysmorphia. What exactly is body dysmorphia? According to the Anxiety and Depression Disorder Association, it can be defined as “A mental illness involving obsessive, focus on a perceived flaw in appearance”( This illness develops at a young age and eventually morphs into eating disorders. Being barefaced during November helps you celebrate your imperfections, only to realize you’re perfectly imperfect.

I am currently writing exactly a week into November, and I’m not going to lie this is harder than I anticipated. Day four was the most difficult day because I had the urge to cover my face. There was something about looking at myself in the mirror and not feeling confident because of how I looked that day. Maybe it was the visible bags under my eyes and acne on my face that caused me to feel insecure, but I haven’t felt that low in a while. Having a bare face shouldn’t make you feel vulnerable; however, societal beauty standards have caused us to feel this way. We must practice to love ourselves for the way we are. This practice begins with who we idolize.

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One week completed


So who do you idolize? Please don’t say Kylie Jenner. Everyone looks like her these days. Where has our originality gone?

Again, I am not anti-makeup. As an avid makeup consumer, I believe that we shouldn’t be “caking” on makeup when we feel insecure. Or wearing five different kinds of foundation to have an entirely different shade that is so far from your natural skin color in order to appear flawless.

Well, I’ll keep you updated


P.S on a different note PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE!

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