No Makeup November

I started wearing makeup my freshman year of college, not counting special occasions. I’ve spent massive amounts of money on makeup since then.

My own Makeup Stash…

I still think my purchases on cosmetics are worth it; they have led to many great memories. For example, when I bought my first red lip stain and began wearing it consistently during my sophomore of college. This was before Taylor Swift decided red lips were her trademark for her “Red” album.


I can rely on makeup to help me look less tired and appear older, but I have started to depend on it like its apart of my personality. It’s not entirely a bad thing. I am known for my pink and brown eyeshadows, thick eyeliner with a subtle wing, rosewood lipstick, but I’m getting exhausted having to take the time to look a certain way. I’m sure most of my friends who are reading this haven’t noticed the details of what I wear, but I’m okay with that.

Well, I decided I need a break from makeup to remind myself of who I am underneath it. I have discovered when I’m feeling the most insecure is when I “cake” it on. So I decided to do “No Makeup November.”This is not going to be easy, but I feel like it is necessary. I also want my students to understand the importance of natural beauty.

I  came up with some rules of “No Makeup November” occasions for whoever wants to join me:

  1. Begins November 1st-ends 30th
  2. Cannot wear any form of makeup on typical days-nights
  3. Keep a journal and write about how it makes you feel daily
  4. Expectations:
    1. Special Occasions: can only wear makeup that looks natural.
    2. This is only okay during events, such as weddings, special outings, dates.

“No Makeup November” is not something I created (I only created my rules for it). It is linked to Ending Sex Slavery ( and a Chrisitan Organization called Rave Miniseries (

I also want to add that I’m not anti-makeup at all, I’m just in it for the learning experience.


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