Hypersexualized and Racially Offensive Costumes are Expectional

Dressing up for Halloween confines me, a woman, into one exceptional standard, hypersexualized. For a nerd like myself, I don’t feel comfortable displaying too much. It is indeed ironic coming from the generation that brought back crop tops-a small shirt that exposes stomach midsection, best worn with high-waisted shorts. It’s easier for you to say, wear a costume that isn’t too hypersexualized, but it doesn’t feel too great having guys give attention to those who do follow that standard. Unfortunately, we live in a society where sex sells; however looks can be deceiving. Makeup can make anyone appear like a model and costumes can create illusions as well. The concept of women dressing like this is deeper than Halloween costumes. How others see it “why not dress up like someone I’m not. It’s just one night.” Touche.

Something else that brings up concern is dressing up as an ethnicity, such as a Mexican Mariachi, Native American, Flamenco dancer, Day of the Dead, and more. These are not costumes. These are cultures that are misunderstood by American Society. I’m hundred percent certain those wearing Native American costumes are not aware of the Dakota Access Pipeline. They are more concern with how their costume looks on them than the issue with the Standing Rock Reservation (http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/31/us/standing-rock-facebook-check-ins/index.html).

Some may argue that its “not a big deal, it’s just Halloween.”

My advice (it’s probably too late for this, but remember it for next year) is to wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing, but don’t offend an ethnic group , especially if there’s many of them residing in your neighborhood.

I also want to inform you guys that I am not a feminist. I do have feminist ideals, with regards to body image and equal pay. I have my reasons and will explain in another future post.

-KIKI halloween-costumes


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