Dating Advice From a Wise Mexican Spinster

I like to think of myself of a career driven woman, so career driven that I don’t have time to be in a relationship or date at the moment. I guess you can say that when you’ve read plays/novels like “Romeo and Juliet,” “Anthony and Cleopatra,” “Brooklyn,” and “Like Water For Chocolate,” your standards of a relationship are extremely high anyway. (Don’t get me started on romantic comedies) However, nowadays society shames us for waiting for the right person or being single. How come? To be honest, I can’t answer that. It just is what it is.

Here’s another question, how do you conform to the dating standards of society? With dating apps such as Tinder. They are quick tinderand easy (in whatever way you interpret that). From I recall this app pairs you up with whoever is nearby. Many eligible people pop up on your phone, and you choose whether to like their profile or not. Your profile also pops up on whoever’s phone, and they decide as well. If you both agree then, it’s a “match.” You are free to message them or whatever. All based on appearance, of course. You can argue that attraction is a big part of dating and I agree to the extent, but I also think personality is a part of attraction. So how can you distinguish a person’s character through an image that is posted on a profile?  That’s my issue. Well, I guess you can go on a “Tinder date,” and see if the picture, whatever is posted on their profile, and text messages make your ideal partner’s personality. What if they are not exactly who they say they are? Imagine walking into the  restaurant you were supposed to meet at and your tinder date is someone you did not expect. Like he/she took your breath away and not in a good way.

I find it bizarre. Technology has outdone itself because now phone-tree-clip-art-3we are too busy to notice an attractive person sitting across the bar from us, or at the library, or on the street, we have to talk to them through a dating site.  I mean if you’re too busy then you’re too busy, but remember relationships are like a second job. Dating is a more laid back but can be a little time consuming as well. It’s up to you if you’re willing to sacrifice time and it’s probably worth it when you find the right person.

Also, I’m not anti-tinder and I may have overexaggerated the dating app issue, but it’s honestly not something I’d consider trying unless it was for a blog post for my viewers…

As for me, you must be really impressive for me to make time for you. There also hasn’t been a guy that has inspired me to write a short story about them in a while. For now, I’m focusing on establishing a career. There’s no rush for me, I mean I’m already considered a spinster in Mexican society.


P.S I promise I’ll step up my picture game (it’s mostly stuff I found on google search… I should probably cite huh?)


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