A Social Media Love Story Except Not. Definitely Not.

I hate social media sometimes, quite ironic to admit since blogging is a form of social media. I hate that you can’t live a mysterious, private life anymore. Yes, you can make your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Whatever private, but people can still end up on your page regardless. Forfb_icon_325x325 example, maybe an Insta friend showed your profile to another friend who happens to be friends with your arch-nemesis. I sound paranoid, but it happens. I also hate it because people you thought you left in your past will pop up on your “suggestions for friends” adds. Or in my best friend’s case, her boyfriend’s parents ended up on suggestions. Would you add them or not?

A few days ago, I lurked my Instagram suggestion page and found an old acquaintance. I went on his page and clicked on the first picture and saw a comment from a guy I thought I wouldinstagram-old-new never cross paths with again. My heart began beating rapidly. I clicked his profile, and it was private. I forgot to mention there is a pro: finding someone who you thought you would never see again.

Well, I’m going to be completely vague here, but let’s just say a few years ago ( I will not tell you the exact years because I know someone who knows me very well will try to investigate this situation) I met someone who inspired me. We had many things in common, he was hilarious, extremely attractive, and I had a window of opportunity there, emphasis on the had. He really tried and I was quite oblivious. Anyway, I ended up writing a short story about him called “Intimidating,” which my creative writing professor praised. I began telling my friends about him almost like an elementary school crush obsession. Whenever I would see him, my heart would feel as if it was going to rip out of my chest and my stomach would flutter.

A year later I’m at a frozen yogurt place gossiping with friends, and they decide to look him up on every social media, and it turned it out he was now in a serious relationship. I was heartbroken. (My post takes place three years after I saw that) I bet you’re wondering what his relationship status is now. I also bet you’re wondering if I added him…

I feel like social media is making it okay for us to be stalkers. For example, the new feature on Instagram allows you to zoom in on pictures and snapchat allows you to replay snaps.

Thanks technology!



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