The Rich Get Richer The Poor Get …

Health Insurance.

From own experience, doctors are attentive when money is visible. What do I mean? I have health insurance that is covered for many low-income minorities. I go to a clinic that specializes in “health issues” Hispanics face, such as diabetes. What I’ve noticed this past year from going in and out of this clinic is the lack of attention and patience the receptionists, nurses, and doctors have for their patients. Let’s be honest this is a part-time gig for most doctors. The federal government covers their work, but it is not enough. For patients, like myself,  we are proviImage result for doctor's officeded with terrible service because that is what they think we deserve.

For example, one day I was on the verge of going to the hospital; However, I decided to call my clinic to see if I could see one of the doctors during walk-ins. They scheduled me the first appointment available. I stood there in the waiting room trying not to lose my mind. You’re okay Kiki; Everything is going to be fine. You’ve been through worse remember? I distracted myself from my pain by observing my surroundings. I noticed an upper-class mother and daughter. The mother had an elegant suit that could probably pay my rent and a Prada bag that I will be able to afford when I’m 100. The daughter resembled a seventeen magazine model. She was ignoring her mom while texting her life away. What were these two doing at a low-income serving clinic? I honestly understand now. There was another pair sitting a few seats way. These women weren’t necessarily a pair, but I know they came together.  Both in look like they were in their early forties and had a tough life. They had battered clothes, dark circles under their eyes, and apparently, they had been waiting for two hours for an appointment. I overheard them say that.

It was strange we were all from different backgrounds joined by various levels of pain. My pain being the most severe. We were also joined by some HGTV Home Imphgtvrovement show on the television. I can’t remember what show it was; they have so many flip my house programs it’s so unoriginal. Finally after forty minutes they called the mother and daughter. I noticed one of the women go outside and leave her friend to talk to an acquaintance.

It was then they called my name. My real name, which sounds so foreign to me sometimes. At that moment it sounded so comforting. The nurse escorted me to my room, and I sat there for ten minutes. I began feeling pain and tried to observe my surroundings again. There was an allergy poster on the wall, a computer on sleep mode, a thorough a sign of an ear. Then I listened very closely and heard the voices of the upper-class mother, daughter, and a man in the next room. Another ten minutes past. Then another and then another. My pain came back worse. I began feeling dizzy and fatigued. I opened the door to my room for air. I could still

alarm-clock-ringing-8486928hear the mother and daughter’s discussion with the male voice. I asked a nurse “Is the doctor going to be out soon?” When I become anxious my eyes go wide with panic, I’ve been told this before. The nurse pretended not to noticed and said: “I’m not sure.” I walked away, and I went back to the room in tears. She passed by again and closed my door. Ten more minutes past and took some medicine I prescribed myself. My pain subsided a little.

I heard the mother, daughter, and the male voice laughing. Ten more minutes passed, and finally, I heard several footsteps walking away. My door opened. The doctor greeted me and asked me why I was there. I begin crying when I explained my symptoms. You could tell he felt guilty, that he took so long with his other patient (elite mother and daughter), but that guilt quickly faded when he mentioned my medicine he prescribed me would be free.

I waited almost two hours for only five minutes with him. He spent an hour with his other patient, who seemed perfectly fine! Also, I think the reason they were there was because they missed this doctor at his regular office. Like I said, this is a part-time gig for doctors.

Must be nice being rich. Not because of their luxurious lifestyle, but because their health matters more than ours.

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