I Feel Like Jenna Hamilton (from Awkward if you live under a rock)

A blog post can be made public or private. I decided to make my blog public because I underestimated who would read it. Everyone is reading this blog; the fame is already getting to my head.

In fact, last night I had a dream that my best friend had a quince for her 22nd birthday. A quince is a traditional Mexican birthday celebration that happens when a young girl turns fifteen. Ironically my friend had this celebration at twenty-two. Anyway, in the dream, I was walking outside of the party for fresh air. Then out of nowhere, someone asks me to take a picture with them because apparently, I was famous. While this stranger and I were prepping to take a selfie, Scott Disick tries to photo bomb, and I said “What’s your name again? Josh?” He glances at me in annoyance and responses “Kiki, I’m Scott.” I tell him “I’m sorry the fame is getting to my head.”

On a different note a few entries apencilirlgo, I wrote about Eric and used a bunch of fake names to hide the identities of acquaintances (I think we’re friends now). My readers discovered who these people were and these people discovered I wrote about them. At first, I was quite embarrassed, but now… I’m still embarrassed.

As writers/ English majors, we get timid and insecure with regards to how we tell stories because even for us there is a standard. The standard where you have to write using elaborate language only other English majors can understand. I am not that writer. I do not believe in writing for only a certain audience.

Well, I hope I bring some joy to you when I write in my sarcastic tone! I promise I won’t let the “fame” get to my head.


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