Hire Me I’m Desperate, Maybe Not That Desperate

As a recent college graduate/ unemployed writer, I now live a life similar to a 65-year-old retired man who’s been trying different hobbies to fill the time in his day. It’s not that I haven’t been job searching, I think the reasons no one wants hire me is because:

  1. Nojob-search-classifieds experience.
  2. You have to know someone to get the job.
  3. There is hardly any jobs for writers at the moment, well in my location. I can’t move because I’m starting graduate school in the winter.

I think that’s it. I’ve applied for every writing job there is in my area, however, no email response from anyone. I feel uncomfortable that some random stranger/s have my resume in the inbox of their email. Whether or not if they looked at it, they have my address and my phone number. That’s quite discomforting. So I decided to quit and search for jobs in retail. I cannot stand working for retail, especially since I worked my ass off for four years to obtain an English degree. I can’t stand having to lie to people about buying a product they don’t need.

I got one person to email me back, regarding a seasonal job at a Halloween store. The only reason I decided to apply was that:20-halloween-pumpkin-clip-art-free-cliparts-that-you-can-download-to-06OJ7G-clipart.png

  1. My first job was four years ago at the same Halloween Store
  2. I have retail experience
  3. It’s seasonal.

I went to that interview last week and to my surprise, my old boss (same one from four years ago) was there interviewing a girl about a few years younger than me. I was there early, so I had to wait outside. It seemed like this was her first job, and she nailed the interview because right away they asked her to start working.  Next, it was my turn. My boss recognized me as soon as she began my interview. She said her first memory of me was that I was a very nervous person. I can recall her asking me incredibly hard questions, which I was not prepared for. For example, she asked me to sell her a pen, which I failed to do and she started throwing numbers out to do basic math. I mean I am good at basic cashier math, but I totally spaced. I thought I was going to be hired on the spot like the other girl. She said to me “I might call you today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.” It’s next week.


I emailed them today… I keep checking my email every ten minutes but the only people that email me are Democrats.com. They are quite consistent; Worst mistake was subscribing to them.





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