Miscommunication At Its Finest

Everyone who knows me can tell you that I am a hardcore Rebelution* fan.  So when my friend told me that Rebelution’s lead singer Eric and drummer Wes were going to perform at M Special Brewery*, there was no question that I would be there. That day I read, wrote, hiked, and was looking forward to seeing half of Reb perform. At around 6:50ish my sister and I started getting ready.

According to my friend, Curtis they were suppose to go on at 8pm, so when he texted us at 7 saying they started their set, I was furious at him. We left at 7:20ish thinking the show wouldn’t end so early. (It takes around 16 minutes to get to M Special by where I live) It was almost 8 when we pulled in the parking lot and I received a snapchat message from Curtis saying “Last Song :(” I was quite disappointed. I told my sister to just drive to Freebirds* so I could eat my anger away. When we got to the Freebirds parking lot we received a text from Curtis, which was a picture of Eric and him. At that moment I thought, first he told us the wrong time, second, he takes a picture with Eric of Rebelution, he sabotaged us. If I didn’t make it to the set I might as well take a picture. We decided to drive back.

I practically ran (speed walked or sped walked, whatever term sounds correct to you) into the bar looked for Eric or Wes inside, then outside and I finally found Eric. There was no sign of Wes. I ran into Curtis’s friend, Rodrigo, who noticed the urgency of taking this photo. I recall pressing tno-storagehe photo app to prep for this picture only to have the “no storage” message pop up on the screen.  I asked Rodrigo for his phone and he told me he lost it the night before clubbing. I frantically started deleting random pictures on my phone from graduation, singing with my friend, my San Francisco trip, mariachi practice, etc. Curtis’ roommate, Cade then walks up to us and right away I asked “Hey I’m Kiki! Can I borrow your phone? I want to take a picture with Eric!” He actually said yes. I walk a few steps to Eric and I told him all about my miscommunication with Curtis and how I couldn’t make it to his set on time and he just laughed. Cade then reintroduced me to his friend, Jason, whom I completely ignored while trying to get a picture with Eric. I’m terrible. An hour later we all go to Freebirds- I never got to actually eat with all the excitement of meeting one of my music idols. Eric and his girlfriend apparently decided they were craving Mexican food too because they ended up at Freebirds. We spoke to them again and got a personal good-bye!

I would tell you how the rest of my night went, but I rather not. Let’s just say people ditched other people, we lost a person, and there was a mock Olympics going on.  So the moral of the story is do your rekiki-and-ericsearch before going to an event and don’t trust Curtis. Also, I think I startled Eric a little, he probably didn’t think he had such over-enthusiastic, eager, slightly insane fans. I’m not as obsessed as this post appears to be, I swear!



P.S: I’m still getting used to the blogging thing. I’m not sure what is appropriate to post or if I should mention names, and add more details. Let me know how to make this more interesting.



*They are a Reggae and based out of Isla Vista, C.A (http://rebelutionmusic.com/)

*M Special Brewery located in Goleta, C.A (https://www.yelp.com/biz/m-special-brew-co-goleta)

*Best Mexican place to eat in Isla Vista, C.A (https://www.yelp.com/biz/freebirds-world-burrito-isla-vista)

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